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Northampton Veterinary Clinic

2 beagles playing in the grass at a dog park

Giving Back

Northampton Veterinary Clinic always wants to help animals with veterinary care who do not have owners to help care for them.

We are a local business so we try to support local causes and give back to our community as much as we can. You may have seen Dr. Shelburne in the Northampton Educational Spelling Bee every year, or you may see our name as a sponsor with one of the local dog shows.

We give back in a variety of ways and here are a few examples:

A Gray Cat Leaning Against a Brown Dog next to a Food Bowl

Helping Paws Fund

We established the Helping Paws Fund in order to assist special animals that are in need of medical assistance. Our primary focus has been assisting stray cats with medical treatments, food, and finding them a loving home.

The Helping Paws Fund is utilized to update him/her on vaccines, test for FeLV/FIV, and spay or neuter if necessary. We then place each cat into a loving and caring home!

We also provide care to injured wildlife and occasionally to homeless dogs. Our clients’ generous support allows us to help so many special animals live wonderful, healthy lives.

We appreciate your donations and support!

Volunteer Person with a Brown Dog

Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society

We also support Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society with their veterinary care.

Often times the shelter has an animal that has medical needs outside the scope of Dakin’s facilities.

They bring them to our hospital and we offer diagnostic services as well as medical consultation in order to get them back out on the adoption floor as quickly as possible.

We have a great relationship with the shelter and fully support their efforts.

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