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Northampton Veterinary Clinic

Local Training Facilities

A Pug (Dog) Jumping Over a Training Obstacle Stick

Canine Training Referrals – Manners, Obedience, Behavior

With the goal of training our dogs to be the kind of companions we wish them to be within our families, we offer you the following list of referrals. Please bear in mind that this list reflects a variety of styles and methods on dog training.

We do not endorse one individual method over another. We encourage you to make inquiries in to multiple facilities so that you can make an informed decision regarding which trainer is going to be the best match for you and your dog, as long as the chosen method involves positive reinforcement techniques.

Please note: Some trainers may give advice beyond behavior that our veterinarians may not agree with (such as recommending a raw food diet). Please consult your veterinarian with any questions that may arise.

Please do not hesitate to approach a Northampton Veterinary Clinic staff member with any questions about this list.

Animal Alliances


Caroline Moore

(413) 585-5868

Canine Head Start


Elise McMahon

(413) 367-0094

Group classes, private consultations, Puppy classes

Sandy Meadow Farm


Missy Kielbasa

(413) 572-4936

Group classes, formal obedience, private consultations, Puppy classes

Exercise Finished


(413) 533-0049

Group classes in formal obedience, agility, and Rally-O

Puppy classes

It’s PAWSible Dog Training Center


(413) 527-7364

Group classes, private consultations,

Puppy classes

K9 Etiquette

South Hadley

Susanne Shaw

(413) 387-4368

Group classes, private lessons, consults

Leading the Way


Shannon Fitzgerald-Mehlman

(413) 559-7011

Group classes, private lessons, consults, play groups, Puppy classes

Pet Behavior Consulting


Elise Gouge

(413) 230-9873

Private in-home, puppy training, reactive dog classes

Paws of Nature Family Dog Training


Jill Haley Rose

(413) 642-5442

Private consultations

The Canine Counselor

Susan Miller

(413) 478-8234

“In-home dog training and behavior consultations”